Claripup (claripup) wrote,

Drunken rambling on religious IDIOTS!

Okay... This website is scary... and these people are allowed to breed?!?!?

Not that I'm against religion or anything... but I'm against anything that stops you learning and claims it's a sin! The HP books are pure fantasy, yes I would love to be a witch... but magic in the HP sense does not exist (to my knowledge) in this world... Same with the NP's Faeries... it's a game and nothing more... I have enjoyed both for many years and have not been turned into a pagan/wiccan by either! Am I missing something??? *innocent face* ;-p

But on a more serious note... How DARE any religion tell people what they can and can't experience! I freely admit I'm not a member of any religion... not that I don't believe in god, but as someone famous (can't remember who) once said, it's his fan club I can't stand!

I am quite capable of making up my own mind on the matters of sin... and I can't believe for a second that god (if he exists) wont forgive me for not following the crowd. And to be honest a lot of my beliefs would get me banned from most organised religions. For example I believe the heart, while it may not choose wisely, will always choose, be that a member of the opposite sex, same sex or a sheep! I also believe that we are put on this earth to experience and learn... perhaps so we can better appreciate god/the afterlife, or maybe jut so we can do better next time round. I also believe that other people were put here to teach us, and not just the wise ones, but the babies who die, the loved ones who leave us (either through death or by actually leaving/no longer loving), the amazing ones who die befor their time, the murderers, theives and addicts who the law has to deal with, and yes even the rapists/peodophiles... yet so few people want to learn from them, in fact I am begining to think I am not quite normal in my desire to learn.

For example I couldn't tell you when my granma died... i know I was 12/13 and it was the day before my final 12+ exam, but I'm not even sure of the month (In my mind it's september but I know it wasn't) in fact out of all the tragic/terrible things that have happened in my life (and also the good ones) I couldn't tell you when in the year they happened... and it would take a little working out to tell you the year. BUT I did learn from each and every one... I'm not sure I learnt the right thing... but I still learnt something. But it seems to me that most people remember, especially the tragic things, down to the minute and spend that time every year getting depressed... Where as I don't, I live each day as it is, not how it was x number of years ago, cause I can't change the past but I can change the future!

God that sounds corny!!!! And not to say I don't have my bouts of depression/my screwed up-ness (cause we all know I majorly do!!)... and I could make anyones hair curl if I told them about my past (not in an interesting way... more of a completely fucked up way), I still think that for the most part life is cruel, unkind and unfair... but I want to understand why, I NEED to understand. And most religions expect you to accept that life sucks and deal with it cause you'll be rewarded in the afterlife, which is kinda ok I guess, but why should I accept it without understanding it? or at least trying to???

Anyway I think that is enough for one nights drunken ramble, all spawned by a link from a Neopets Acquaintance!!!
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