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All Drugged Up With Nowhere To Go

18 December 1977
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Because I am very proud of my first online award for fanfic I'm putting it everywhere. Thank you to whoever nominated me *much love*

*shameless self promotion* The story is Half Memories and a Feeling and is Beka/Trance slash (Rated R)

Site: http://www.b-disaster.net/pixie/


Hmm... Not sure where to put this... but hopefully the Willow mood theme I will be using shortly came from here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/sinecure/51160.html

Dragon icon (and LJ layout background) drawn by miraba

Faith Icons made by Lexi/Purple Enigma.

Oh and I snag Av's and backgrounds and stuff from all over the place, If I'm using something of yours and not crediting you let me know and I will - it's purely that I've forgotton where most of this stuff came from

I have a Epenis... Please click it to make it grow *evil* :)

My Epenis broke :'(